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The perplexing question

So. anyway.. here I sit at 6 am [still havn't laid my head down to sleep]. Pondering the perplexities of life.. More importantly My life.. Wondering why I am sitting alone basically in the dark surfing websites, dowloading porn, listeing to itunes and talking to myself. and thusfar I havn't come up with a good answer.. Any help...??

I think I need to actually leave the house considering i havn't actually left the house unless i had toall summer. I mean I need to go out, have a date or something, go to dinner and a movie ... you know... But alas.. the all importnat issue is.. I have no one to go to dinner with or to go out with. The majority faded by faster than i could grab my diploma and run from the depths of that hellish graduation ceremony.

So .. if your out there and you want to take me to dinner and get me drunk .... Don't be shy... I'm nice (sometimes) I don't bite (usually).
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